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the serpent

the serpent

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a unique, limbless locomotion, a deadly bite that leaves you frozen,
a toxin planned for any biome, the serpent hunts and thrives alone.

believed to be the protectors of the Underworld across many ancient mythologies, the serpent is our traditional-styled talisman that's considered by those who think creatively and live flexibly.


type: rectangular signet ring

face size: 8 x 11mm

material: 100% recycled 925 sterling silver

additional engravings: 'Fable Matter' and '925'

unsure of your ring size?

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sustainability and quality

eco-sustainability and the production of high-quality rings is at the core of our values. What does this mean?

- 100% recycled sterling silver: we extract your sterling silver from recycled metal products without diminishing the quality of the precious metal alloy;

- one ring one tree: we plant one tree for every ring you order, in partnership with Tree-Nation;

- biodegradable packaging: every ring is packaged in a 100% biodegradable and compostable corn starch mailer that breaks down after 4 months;

- carbon neutral shipping: your order is delivered using Australia Post who is in partnership with Qantas Future Planet - Australia's leading corporate carbon offset program.

care guide

naturally, as a 925 sterling silver ring, my favourite place to be when not on your finger is inside my Fable Matter walnut box. Harsh chemicals like chlorine, bleach and sulfur, as well as prolonged exposure to salty air, humidity and perspiration can all tarnish my appearance. To prevent this from happening, please store me safely when performing the following:

- showering, bathing or swimming (in salt water, fresh water, or chlorinated water);

- indoor and outdoor exercise or playing sports;

- completing housework or outdoor chores (especially while using handheld tools or heavy machinery);

- preparing meals/cooking/baking;

- using cosmetics/getting ready (but don't forget me!).

30 day guarantee

have a change of heart or incorrectly size your desired wearing finger? We'll offer an exchange or full refund. No questions asked.

initate your return by contacting us (via direct email to or by using the contact form) and placing your product in the post within 30 days of receiving it.

need more information? Visit our delivery and returns policy or see if we have already answered your question in our FAQs!

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