why sterling silver?

a recyclable precious metal alloy.

Fable Matter exclusively crafts jewellery with recycled 925 solid sterling silver (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper) which is entirely sourced from the offcuts of industrial manufacturing. And although our products are rugged and raw in appearance, we assure you that this is intentional and that the recycling process does not diminish the quality of the precious metal alloy.

while eco-sustainability and the production of high-quality products is at the core of our values, we are aware of the carbon footprint that the global production of jewellery leaves behind, and so we are committed to giving back what we take. We care about our role in preserving Earth and we will stop at nothing to promote and enhance mindful consumerism. 


the representation of true resilience.

we chose to manufacture our products using sterling silver not only because of its beautiful nature of complimenting many skin tones, but because it is renowned for its resilience, luster, and utility. Its soft and malleable properties allow us fabricate a stylistic, traditional-styled touch to our products, but with this comes the requirement to care for it properly to ensure your valuable companion lasts a lifetime. For your convenience, we will always pair your order with a paper copy of our care guide, which can also be found on our product pages.

Woman in red swimsuit cupping water in hands with Fable Matter Kraken ring on left index finger.

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